Melina Palmer

Melina PalmerMelina Palmer is the Founder and CEO of The Brainy Business, a firm specializing in behavioral economics training and consulting. A globally recognized keynote speaker, educator, and expert in sales conversion, Melina’s work centers on helping businesses understand and leverage the principles of behavioral economics to improve customer engagement and employee participation. She hosts the award-winning podcast, The Brainy Business, which has a global listenership across 170 countries. She is an accomplished author of three books, including her latest, The Truth About Pricing.


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Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • Melina Palmer shares why she wrote about pricing in her third book
  • How do behavioral economics and pricing relate with each other?
  • The importance of understanding the customer’s psychology and pricing limits
  • Pricing hindrances and how to overcome them
  • The CFO’s role in pricing strategy and determining market value
  • Why business owners must determine if they are a quality or value business
  • Psychological factors at play in consumer decision-making

In this episode…

In the intriguing world of behavioral economics, pricing isn’t merely a figure on a label; it’s a sophisticated interplay of psychology and strategy. How can understanding the human brain aid in navigating this complex area and enhance business success?

According to Melina Palmer, a respected authority in applied behavioral economics, the key lies in grasping how the brain processes decisions. She emphasizes the importance of aligning pricing strategies to a business’s identity, distinguishing between quality and value positions. Understanding how factors like context, perception, and psychological influences can significantly influence pricing decisions is also crucial. Melina’s insights challenge traditional pricing notions, revealing that it’s less about the actual cost and more about the perceived value and overall experience.

In this episode of the Financial Clarity podcast, Hannah Smolinski welcomes Melina Palmer, Founder and CEO of The Brainy Business. They discuss how behavioral economics influences pricing strategies, strategies for overcoming personal biases in setting prices, and how to refine your pricing approach in a market driven by complex human behaviors.

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