Sara KapplerSara Kappler is the CEO of Centric Squared, a CRM-driven agency specializing in email and SMS marketing. Having pivoted to CRM consulting and email marketing after over a decade in digital consulting, Sara specializes in high-performing marketing campaigns for clients in the finance, e-commerce, and online business niches. A mom of three with a recent international move from Seattle to Germany, she started her company to challenge the 9-5 norm and create flexibility for herself. As a business growth partner, Sara is committed to her clients’ success and protecting her remote team’s flexibility while fostering a high-caliber, professional, and innovative team.

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Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • Sara Kappler shares the founding story of her email marketing agency
  • How Centric Squared helps businesses solve pain points related to email deliverability and CRMs
  • Why does Sara recommend Hubspot CRM as a powerful option for service-based businesses?
  • Identifying and maximizing customer lifetime value through data-driven email marketing
  • Sara discusses her experience working remotely and managing a team across various time zones
  • The challenges Sara faced maintaining client relationships and scheduling overlaps after moving to Germany
  • The importance of tracking profitability and margins in a service-based business
  • Developing marketing strategies and overcoming mindset obstacles
  • Sara emphasizes flexibility and autonomy in remote teams
  • Retirement planning and personal finance tips for business owners

In this episode…

Remote work has redefined the traditional concept of the American dream, allowing individuals to pursue their career goals outside of the US. With many professionals following this trend, how can remote-first companies foster business growth while transitioning to a new normal in different cultures?

For email marketing expert Sara Kappler, the pandemic acted as a catalyst, prompting her family to take the leap and explore new opportunities abroad. While her husband’s German heritage and the prospect of exploring a new country seemed exciting, Sara dreaded her clients’ reactions to her relocation. Reflecting on the challenges she encountered maintaining client relationships and scheduling overlaps after moving to Germany, she emphasizes being upfront. Sara stresses communicating changes to your customers and being sincere by considering their concerns and the timing of the transition. In addition, she emphasizes flexibility and autonomy in remote teams while leveraging systems and strong training to facilitate seamless collaboration. Her approach has not only enhanced customer loyalty but also ensured the successful execution of clients’ campaigns.

Tune in to this latest installment of the Financial Clarity podcast as host Hannah Smolinski chats with Sara Kappler, the CEO of Centric Squared, about her experience relocating her company to another country. Sara shares her transition from digital consultancy to running an email marketing agency, the curiosity that fueled her decision to move to Germany, her experience managing a team and client relationships across different time zones, and personal finance tips for expats.

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