Clara CFO Group provides financial clarity for small businesses.

We support big goals and guide key decisions so you can know that your money is working for you. 


Hi, my name is Hannah Smolinski. I’m the CEO and Founder of Clara CFO Group.

I built this business with one key purpose in mind: to improve the financial health of small businesses.

It may seem simple, but if it is, why are so many businesses failing for financial reasons? In my career as a CPA, I had the pleasure of working for one of the world’s largest accounting firms, and I saw how corporations and large enterprises had access to incredible teams of financial experts. If these corporations didn’t have the in-house resources to answer a big problem, they could get access to top-talent to help solve difficult problems.

When I left that world and started working for a small business, I noticed that the resources were lacking…or non-existent. Where were the subject-matter experts? Where were the high-caliber people to solve difficult problems? Who could help me with what seemed to be a common small business problem?

I wanted to know: “Why have small businesses been ‘boxed out’ of financial strategy and guidance?”

Well, although I haven’t quite found an answer to that question, I started a company to remedy the problem.

Clara CFO Group is dedicated to bringing the highest quality financial support and guidance to small business owners seeking fulfillment of their personal and professional goals. We do this through virtual CFO & consulting services, financial strategy, and educational resources.

Why do we do this?

Because we believe that small business owners are some of the most visionary, passionate, and driven people in the world. These people have big dreams and goals, and they need access to financial  strategy, best practices, and know-how to realize their mission.  We also believe that these visionaries should not have to struggle financially to achieve their goals. We want them to have the resources they want and need to live a fulfilling life.

As a driven and motivated CEO, you want to take your business to a new level, but you don’t feel confident in doing it on your own. You crave someone supporting you as you make financial decisions.

You want to lead your team well. 

This is where we step in.

Clara CFO Group is a team of accounting professionals that have financial experience ranging everywhere from non-profit auditing to tax strategy. We work together to find the best information for our clients. When you work with Clara CFO Group, you have more than one great financial mind on your team, you have us all. 

We are a gathering of financial experts that, like a “hive mind”, provide collective insight beyond what any one person could provide. We step into the weeds with you and walk you back out, making sure you feel confident that your financial landscape is clear and hopeful. 

Picture this team of financial experts stepping in to help you figure out HOW to implement your ideas and reach goals:


You want to make a new hire. But you aren’t sure if you can afford it.


You have revenue coming in, but it’s not clear why you don’t have more profit margins from that number.


You have goals to grow the business, but you aren’t sure where to spend or save in order to achieve those goals. How can you make strategic decisions when you can’t make sense of the data?

You don’t have to do this alone.

Let’s look forward together.

Financial clarity for growing small businesses.

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