The right CFO can transform your business.

Ready to use your financial information to drive sustainable growth?
Our CFO leadership helps you do just that.

Our virtual CFO services are for small business owners who need someone in the Chief Financial Officer role, but are not able or prefer not to build out that branch of leadership in-house. 

We offer the same services that a corporate CFO offers to scale large organizations, but we call it down to fit the needs of small businesses. We do this virtually by providing strategic analysis, decision making support, and much more.



Add-On CFO Services Available:

  • Bookkeeping services
  • Federal tax return preparation
  • Reasonable Compensation Reports
  • Valuation Services
  • Accounting system migration
  • Customized policy and procedures manuals

Are you ready to bring this kind of leadership into your team?

Imagine how you would feel to turn those dreams into plans, with actionable and financially-sound steps to make it happen.

Imagine how you would feel if you increased profit margins this year.

Imagine how you would sleep at night knowing that your financial situation is stable, and you no longer have to figure this out by yourself.  

"Hannah was amazing at creating organization in our accounting where there was none.

I knew something had to change. Our books were not allowing me to access any useable data. I had a vision for the company’s future growth, but not vision or strategy for the financial side of that plan. I’m extremely happy with the decision to bring Hannah on board with us; and as we make financial plans that align with our future vision, I look forward to working with Hannah to achieve those goals. I would highly recommend Hannah’s services to anyone who is growing their company and in need of clarity on their numbers and aligning their financials with their vision!”

Tim Clothier, President and CEO of Illusion Projects

Why do clients utilize our virtual CFO services?


“What gets measured gets managed.” Peter Drucker.

Expert insight, explanation, and a fresh perspective on your financials 
A partnership that would be hard to afford as a full-time employee for most small businesses 
Expert insight, explanation, and a fresh perspective on your financials
Support and a commitment to excellence in every interaction
Our unique, effective, and proven professional CFO processes and methods
Identifying and monitoring key metrics and indicators that are most important for financial success
Are you ready to bring this kind of leadership into your team?
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