CFO Clarity On Demand.

Are you looking for a consultant to help you figure out the right direction for your financials?
CFO Clarity Sessions

Our CFO clarity sessions are designed for small business owners who need a short term solution to guide any key decisions on your plate right now so you can be confident that your money is working for you.

Supporting your big goals and providing financial insight into key business decisions is the goal of our clarity sessions, and you will walk away with confidence that you’re moving in the right direction with your financials.

Whether that is in planning out your yearly budget or allocating funds for different projects, the strategy and insight we offer business owners helps them sleep better at night knowing they have someone in their corner.

If you need a clear, financial solution for the short term, a CFO clarity session is the answer.


Sessions include:

  • 30 min financial statement review (value: $200)
  • 1 hour financial clarity session (value: $495)

You walk away with:

  • Insights and recommendations on how to improve the financial strength of your business
  • Confidence about the direction you should be going in to achieve your goals
  • Answers to questions that your bookkeeper can’t answer
  • Customized discussion and answers to support your current business needs
  • Zoom recording of the session

Cost: Starting at $395

"Hannah helps me be motivated to find more profit in my business.

Hannah encourages me to look more at my finances. It isn’t easy for me to talk and look at money. I am willing to do the work, though, and I really appreciate that Hannah never makes me feel ashamed for not having my accounting right up to date. She makes me feel motivated to dig in and be organized and to look at how I can generate more profit in my business…so that I can help more people!”

Shannon Crow, The Connected Yoga Teacher

"I found it easier than expected to talk to Hannah about my personal and business finances.

Hannah listened and reviewed my financial statements without judgement. I am committed to improving my business and Hannah helped me see a clear path for moving forward.”

Goldi Jacques-Maynes, DC and Owner of Golden Chiropractic

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