Mallory Ulaszek

Mallory UlaszekMallory Ulaszek is the Co-founder of Week of the Website, a web design agency that simplifies the process of creating websites for small businesses, agencies, and large enterprises. With a rich background in leading various marketing, finance, sales, and operations teams, Mallory leverages her extensive experience to create an intuitive web design process for firms. Prior to her current ventures, she was deeply involved in event production, fundraising strategies for nonprofits, and entrepreneurship through owning and operating multiple retail stores in the Chicagoland area.

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Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • Mallory Ulaszek shares how she transitioned from retail to owning a business that creates websites
  • The lack of transparency in the web design industry
  • What is the core product of Week of the Website?
  • Streamlining website design process for clients
  • What is a productized service?
  • The importance of personality and leadership traits in hiring for a productized service
  • Challenges of scaling a productized service
  • Growing a web design business through referrals and strategic client selection
  • The value of retaining expertise and providing options to clients

In this episode…

How does transforming a traditional service into a productized offering revolutionize the way small businesses approach web design?

According to Mallory Ulaszek, a pioneering entrepreneur in web services, the key lies in streamlining and structuring the design process to make it as efficient and transparent as possible. She highlights the significance of condensing the development timeline and simplifying client involvement, which directly tackles the industry’s notorious opacity and project drag. By introducing a structured, week-long development sprint, Mallory’s method significantly enhances efficiency, ensuring clients are actively engaged and informed throughout the creation process. This approach not only accelerates delivery but also fosters a more collaborative and stress-free experience for clients, setting a new standard for service delivery in the digital realm.

In this episode of the Financial Clarity podcast, host Hannah Smolinski sits down with Mallory Ulaszek, Co-founder of Week of the Website, to talk about creating a productized service. They discuss the inspiration behind Week of the Website, the importance of strategic partnerships, and tips for maintaining a consistent project pipeline. This conversation sheds light on how to efficiently package and sell a service, ensuring quality, transparency, and client satisfaction.

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