Lizzie Mintus

Lizzie MintusLizzie Mintus is the Founder and CEO of Here’s Waldo Recruiting, a specialized recruiting firm that concentrates on the video game industry. With a commitment to quality over quantity, Here’s Waldo prioritizes transparency, communication, and diversity in its recruitment process. Alongside her role at Here’s Waldo, Lizzie serves as an ambassador for Women in Games, a globally recognized organization that aims to uplift and empower women within the gaming sphere. Lizzie’s goal is to create a transformative recruitment experience where both clients and candidates feel authentically valued and understood.

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Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • Lizzie Mintus shares how she started her recruiting company
  • The challenges of starting a service-based business
  • What is the origin of the name “Here’s Waldo”?
  • Why people hire recruiting firms instead of doing it in-house
  • The challenges of contingent fees in recruiting
  • The benefits of being a specialized recruiting firm
  • Lizzie shares the biggest financial challenges she encountered growing her company
  • How the gaming industry’s growth and challenges are affecting Lizzie’s firm
  • Salary expectations and financial sustainability in the tech industry
  • The value of having a coach
  • The best piece of financial advice Lizzie has ever gotten

In this episode…

Growing a niche recruiting firm in a rapidly evolving industry like gaming requires unique insights and a bold approach. But how does one navigate the complexities and harness the opportunities in this dynamic field?

According to Lizzie Mintus, a seasoned recruiter and successful entrepreneur, the key lies in understanding the target market, leveraging pre-existing networks, and asking the right questions. These strategies help to navigate the complex gaming field and highlight potential opportunities, turning challenges into catalysts for growth.

In this episode of the Financial Clarity podcast, host Hannah Smolinski speaks with Lizzie Mintus, Founder and CEO of Here’s Waldo Recruiting, about her incredible journey of scaling a niche recruiting firm in the gaming industry. They discuss the financial challenges of rapid business growth, the impact of industry layoffs on her business, and the vital role of financial forecasting. Lizzie also shares valuable advice on managing personal finances and tech industry salary trends.

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