Steve Kwan

Steve KwanSteve Kwan is the CEO of OpsWerks, a company that specializes in propelling data center and cloud operation teams to thrive. A Silicon Valley native, Steve’s roots are deeply entrenched in the world of technology, from his early studies in electrical engineering to his active involvement across the startup landscape. His rich career path, which includes founding companies, leading startups through various stages, and participating in four acquisitions, has informed his passion for enhancing people’s lives through technology. He’s been a part of eight startups, with half of them being acquired and the other half serving as valuable learning experiences. Today, Steve is on a mission to transform the work experience through OpsWerks.

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Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • Steve Kwan gives an overview of his entrepreneurial journey and how he started OpsWerks
  • The value of being trustworthy and working with others who share similar values
  • Why some startups succeed and why some fail
  • What does OpsWerks do?
  • OpsWerks’ team structure and why Steve decided to start it from the Philippines
  • The importance of relationships and reputation in business
  • Why Steve started an academy for training and hiring new employees
  • The key to making a remote work model successful
  • How Steve inspires his team to embrace the company culture
  • What Steve does to invest in his personal growth
  • The best piece of financial advice Steve has ever received

In this episode…

Building a strong company culture across geographical borders is no small feat. How does one nurture a cohesive, productive, and engaging team despite the challenges of remote collaboration?

According to Steve Kwan, the secret is a blend of clear communication, mutual respect, and shared objectives. His philosophy is about fostering a sense of belonging and engagement across distances, which he achieves by maintaining open lines of communication and ensuring that everybody’s contribution is valued and recognized. This approach has not only built a strong remote company culture but also fueled his personal growth and leadership effectiveness.

In this episode of the Financial Clarity podcast, host Hannah Smolinski talks with Steve Kwan, CEO of OpsWerks, about the art and practice of cultivating a vibrant company culture across borders. They dive into Steve’s method of balancing personal development with successful remote team management, his insights on building strong relationships with his team despite geographical distance, and the unique challenges and rewards of leading a diverse, international workforce.

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