Gina Cotner

Gina Cotner

Gina Cotner is the CEO and Founder of Athena Executive Services, a company that specializes in pairing high-caliber, part-time virtual executive assistants with busy entrepreneurs, business owners, and executives across the United States. With over 15 years of remote work experience on both national and international teams, Gina has honed her company’s focus on relieving clients of administrative tasks and projects, enabling them to focus on more critical aspects of their businesses and personal lives.

Over the last five years, Gina has specifically tailored Athena Executive Services to prioritize work-life balance, wellness, and overall satisfaction for business owners. In addition to her leadership role, she offers coaching on time management and calendar utilization. Her guidance often leaves people with a renewed sense of agency over their time, transforming their calendars into strategic tools for life management.

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Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • Gina Cotner shares how she got into the executive assistant business
  • How Gina transitioned from a freelancer to a business owner
  • The differences between an executive assistant, administrative assistant, personal assistant, and virtual assistant
  • Common mindset blocks preventing people from delegating
  • Gina’s current team structure and how they help her achieve a 10-hour work week
  • The hardest financial challenges Gina had to go through to grow her business
  • What are numbers that matter in Gina’s business?

In this episode…

Ever wondered how some entrepreneurs manage to run a successful business while enjoying an enviable work-life balance? Imagine working just 10 hours a week while maintaining a profitable operation. It’s not a pipe dream; it’s entirely possible.

According to Gina Cotner, a seasoned authority in leveraging executive virtual assistants for business efficiency, strategic incorporation of virtual assistants and a focus on key performance metrics can lead to a dramatically reduced workload and a thriving business. This approach allows you to delegate effectively, streamline operations, and achieve more by doing less.

In this episode of the Financial Clarity podcast, host Hannah Smolinski sits down with Gina Cotner to explore the transformative power of leveraging executive virtual assistants to achieve a 10-hour work week. They delve into Gina’s “10-hour work week” model, the importance of deciding what to delegate, and how specialized virtual executive assistants can help you achieve work-life balance. Learn actionable strategies for reclaiming your time without sacrificing business success.

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