The last year has shown us that managing small business finances isn’t just about working with objective numbers; you also need to be able to calculate new circumstances and make informed decisions when risks and uncertainties arise.

Find some helpful guidance on this “It’s Not Just About the Numbers” episode of the Founders Focus Podcast. Clara CFO’s Founder and CEO, Hannah Smolinski, joined Scott Case to discuss some of the important qualitative data for your small businesses’ finances. Straight numbers should be considered alongside your future goals and long-term plans, and other important factors, when making business decisions related to your finances. Having a virtual CFO on your team, like the small business financial experts at Clara CFO, can help you interpret your finances in order to make the best decisions to fuel your growth.

Episode Summary From the Founders Focus Podcast

Clara CFO Group Founder and CEO Hannah Smolinski joins Founders Focus to talk about her entrepreneurial journey and offer advice on what to expect from service providers. Here’s a hint: empathy and authenticity are just as important as facts and figures. 

Hannah explains why it’s important for small businesses to focus on their goals as they plan their finances.

Listen to the full episode here.

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