When the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) was introduced in Spring 2020, we knew that most small business owners did not have access to a financial advocate to help them navigate the complex details of the relief program. We saw a lot of panic, and not a lot of information available about how the program worked. At Clara CFO we knew we could help, and that’s what we’ve been doing by making PPP information and resources accessible to small business owners like you. (Be sure to hit subscribe to see when our newest video resources are available!)

Our CEO and Founder, Hannah Smolinski, recently joined the Yaeger CPA Review podcast to discuss her solution to the challenges small businesses faced, and still face, when trying to understand PPP loans. In these podcast episodes (Part 1 & Part 2), you’ll hear her comprehensive insight into the PPP as well as her expertise in guiding small businesses to make smart financial decisions. 

PPP loans and their lingering effects, including repayment and possible forgiveness, will continue to impact the way small businesses make decisions for years to come. We encourage you to listen in to gain a better understanding of the program for your small business.

Listen to Part 1 of Hannah’s conversation with Yaeger CPA and be sure to keep listening to Part 2 for more about the virtual CPA life and PPP loans.

From the host of the Yaeger CPA Review Podcast Phil, about this episode: 

Phil sits down with entrepreneur & YouTuber, Hannah Smolinski of the Clara CFO Group. They talk extensively on the difficulties that small businesses face when trying to understand the PPP loans. Hannah is becoming a rising star in the world of understanding and clearly communicating what small businesses owners need to know about the PPP loans. 

Need quick advice about a specific financial situation in your small business? You can book a 30 minute Quick Fire Clarity session. This is perfect for answering your PPP questions.