Hannah Smolinski

Hannah SmolinskiHannah Smolinski, a Certified Public Accountant, is the Founder and CEO of Clara CFO Group. This agency, operating on a virtual CFO model, is dedicated to offering small businesses financial clarity along with strategies for profit maximization. Hannah’s experience in one of the world’s largest accounting firms led her to create this service. She wanted to make sure small businesses could benefit from top-level financial advice.

In addition to running Clara CFO Group, Hannah has a YouTube channel with over 55,000 subscribers. On her channel, she shares practical advice on finance and useful resources for businesses. Her goal is to help organizations understand their financial situation better and work towards commercial success.

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Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • Hannah Smolinski talks about what they do at Clara CFO
  • Why Hannah started Clara CFO
  • What is the biggest mistake people usually make in cash flow forecasting?
  • The most common questions business owners ask about hiring
  • Profit margin questions Hannah’s team usually get
  • What types of companies does Clara CFO help?
  • The free financial tools and resources provided by Clara CFO
  • Why did Hannah choose to cater to small businesses?
  • What are the services offered by Clara CFO?

In this episode…

Navigating the financial maze of small business management can be daunting. Entrepreneurs often juggle a myriad of responsibilities, from budgeting and accounting to hiring decisions and growth planning. At the heart of these challenges is the pursuit of financial clarity — the golden ticket to strategic and sustainable business growth.

Hannah Smolinski, the Founder and CEO of Clara CFO Group, has made it her mission to help small businesses thrive financially. Leveraging her vast experience as a virtual CFO, Hannah offers crucial insights and actionable advice to small business owners, giving them the tools they need to achieve their financial goals.

In this episode of the Financial Clarity podcast, Hannah Smolinski is interviewed by Dr. Jeremy Weisz of Rise25 about the critical steps to gaining financial clarity, making strategic hiring decisions, and creating a growth plan for your business. They discuss the cash flow cycle, the impact of hiring decisions on a business’s bottom line, and the necessity of developing a structured growth plan. You’ll also discover how to access valuable financial resources to help streamline your business operations.

Resources Mentioned in this episode

Clara CFO is dedicated to providing financial clarity and profit-maximizing solutions to small businesses. The team at Clara CFO are seasoned accounting professionals with a heart for small business. We help growth-minded entrepreneurs thrive through Fractional CFO services and financial education.

Whether you’re grappling with hiring decisions, profit margin concerns, or ambitious growth plans, Clara CFO provides insights, recommendations, and a clear financial roadmap to achieve your goals.

To learn more about Clara CFO Group and how we can help your business, visit ClaraCFO.com.