Confident Cash Flow Forecasting

Virtual Workshop

Have you wondered whether or not you can pay yourself more? 

Are you curious if you can afford to hire more help? 

Do you worry about making payroll?

Not sure how much savings is needed to weather business ups and downs?  

How would you like to better PREDICT what your cash balance will look like in 12 months (or more) and gain CONFIDENCE that your decisions will help your business, not hinder it? 

Sound good? Then, this workshop is for you.

What we will do:


Discuss general business cash challenges ways to conquer them


Insight into different business models and unique cash flow challenges the class faces


Methods to help predict expenses


Strategies for forecasting income


Examples on how to use the cash flow for decision making support 


Guided work time so you can get your forecast built quickly

What you get:


3 hours of education and customized advice from a Clara CFO


A customized Excel “Cash Flow Worksheet” that will assist in forecasting and decision making


Knowledge to help you maximize cash


Action items to improve your business


A 15 minute 1:1 follow-up call to review your forecast


Peace of mind and clarity around the decisions you are making 

Financial clarity for growing small businesses.

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