Before you apply for PPP2, watch this! First and Second Draw – Maximize your PPP loan amount!

Get the full course here: https://claracfo.podia.com/applying-for-ppp2-how-to-calculate-your-loan-amount The Economic Aid Act opened up another $284 billion in funding for the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP). This round is opening up for applications the week of January 11th, and we want borrowers to be ready. Lenders will open up portals this week in a staggered manner (community banks first) to allow for harder-hit areas and businesses to apply first. But the biggest concern we have is.....are borrowers getting the RIGHT amount of money to begin with? Lenders have NO legal obligation to make sure your loan calculations are right. They won't tell you if you are leaving money on the table! Make sure you get this right. How do you calculate the right loan amount? Hannah Smolinski goes through EVERYTHING you need to know to calculate your loan amount correctly in her mini-course here: https://claracfo.podia.com/applying-for-ppp2-how-to-calculate-your-loan-amount It includes: - Detailed spreadsheet to calculate the loan amount for every tax status - Edited recordings of the January 6th webinar explaining everything you need to know and how to use the spreadsheet - Links to the Q&A session, important resources, and related videos - Content updates to those registered as new information is available Find Links to the 2483 here: https://home.treasury.gov/system/files/136/PPP-Borrower-Application-Form.pdf and 2483-SD here: https://home.treasury.gov/system/files/136/PPP-Second-Draw-Borrower-Application-Form.pdf To get $100 off assistance with your PPP forgiveness application using Upside Financial's PPP Advisor Pro service, use our affiliate link here: https://borrower.upsidefinancial.com/promo/HannahSmolinski Hannah Smolinski is a #CPA and the Founder of Clara CFO Group. Find out more about Clara CFO Group at https://claracfo.com/ Disclaimer: This video is intended for educational purposes and should not be taken as legal or tax advice. You should consult with your financial professionals about your unique financial situation before acting on anything discussed in these videos. Clara CFO Group, LLC is providing educational content to help small business owners become more aware of certain issues and topics, but we cannot give blanket advice to a broad audience.

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